BeatThatRecord is a site dedicated to viewing, creating, setting and beating world records. These records can be set from home, or really almost anywhere as long as you have a way to video for proof. No longer do you need hundreds or thousands of dollars to be a world record holder!

To have fun, be competitive, get active, let your creativity loose and see what amazing feats people around the globe can achieve!

Yes, we have guidelines to follow to ensure your record is valid. These are necessary to you prove validity and ensure records are safe, clearly defined and add positivity to our community. To find out more about our guidelines PRESS HERE.

While your post could have been denied for several reasons, the most common are: you did not beat the current record, you did not provide solid video proof, you did not follow the rules, or you did not submit a video with your record submission.

Nope, access to our site and everything on it is offered completely free of charge. We may run minimal ads on some pages in order to compensate for the website, domain, hosting, and plugins fees that come with running a successful website.

Yes, to ensure records are valid, appropriate and accurate we require all submissions to be sent in for review. Submissions are typically reviewed and either posted or denied within 72 hours. As long as submissions follow our guidelines and either set or beat a record, they will be approved.

On the right hand side of the site there is a submit a record button. You may follow the prompts to submit both a new or beaten record attempt. You may also PRESS HERE TO SUBMIT

Record submissions require video documentation as proof for validity. The video may be submitted via a URL (such as YouTube or TikTok, please ensure the video is not private), or an mp4/mov file. We would strongly prefer a URL submission. Approved records will often be posted and encrypted from other video hosting sites to allow our site to run quickly and smoothly. 

First, congratulations! Second, submitting a beaten record attempt is the same process as submitting a new record. You may do so HERE. We ask the you copy and paste the record title and rules from the original record attempt so that there is no confusion. 

A video is required along with your record submission so that we can ensure the record is valid. This also makes it possible for other users to view and easily understand what the record is.

At this early stage of the website, our storage requires us to limit the maximum size of a file upload. If your video is too large to submit, you must include a URL to the video from another hosting site such as YouTube or TikTok. Please ensure the video is not private so we can see it.

At this early stage of the website, our storage requires us to limit the amount of videos that can be hosted by our site. To ensure the site loads quickly and runs smoothly, we often upload the videos to a video hosting site such as YouTube and embed the links onto our site.

We are working on creating certificates of authenticity for set world records. 

You may share records posted on our website via the social share buttons located by the posts.

If the record involves more than one person to perform, only one person may submit it to us. In the description, please put the names of everybody else involved in the record attempt. The category for these records should be “Team”.

For more information, records, and fun, follow us on social media! 

If you have other unanswered questions, you may reach out to us HERE.