What is BeatThatRecord?

A place to browse world records set by people from all around the globe, challenge others, and see what a little bit of creativity, determination and skill can achieve! Founded by Jacob Simon in April of 2020, the site has a vision to create a community of record setters that will create original and entertaining world-class content. After setting dozens of world records from his home while in self quarantine due to COVID-19, he began to run out of ideas for records to break. The idea to create a site where anybody anywhere can have access to world records was born. BeatThatRecord provides entertainment and challenges that can be achieved from the home, yard, park or almost anywhere as long as you have a camera and some world-class talent!

BeatThatRecord is still in its early stages. As we develop we want to take our community’s opinions and wants into consideration. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us HERE.  Any and all feedback is appreciated.